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Creek & River Entertainment releases webtoon 'Realm of Queen'
Creek & River Entertainment releases webtoon 'Realm of Queen'
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Differential new work that does not follow the return/possession/reincarnation route

Kakao Page's new webtoon <Realm of Queen> (Subtitle: Queen's Realm), released on the 13th, surpassed 190,000 readers within two days of its launch, recording the first place in the real-time ranking of the romance genre, attracting attention.

Cover of 'Realm of Queen' (Creek & River Entertainment)
Cover of 'Realm of Queen' (Creek & River Entertainment)

It is a work of the romance fantasy genre, and it is differentiated in that it does not follow the route of Hoe Bing-hwan (regression, possession, reincarnation), which is considered to be the three elements of the success of the webtoon.

It depicts the romance story of Queen Elizabeth I, who has absolute power, and Drake, a pirate called the 'black dragon of the sea'.

The author's imagination is added to the historical facts already known, and the reaction is fresh and interesting, and the solid story and attractive drawing are well received by readers.

It is said that the development of Queen Elizabeth, who is independent and self-conscious, as the main character, is refreshing.

In addition, the age of voyage in which various and three-dimensional characters will be drawn, including Draco, the sly pirate male, and the Swedish prince who stimulates emotions with his unwavering love for the queen, is drawing much attention from readers.

A person in charge of the production company Creek & River Entertainment (CEO Yoo Yeon-sik) said, “The work has been pre-sold in China and is being prepared for serialization, and exports to Japan and the United States are being discussed at the same time.” We are looking forward to it,” he said.

On the other hand, the webtoon <Realm of Queen> (Writing/Painting, Rappe) has been released up to the 20th episode on Kakao Page, and is scheduled to be serialized every Friday.

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