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‘Allink launching in-store NFT membership with 7-Eleven’
‘Allink launching in-store NFT membership with 7-Eleven’
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NFC tag-based information transfer solution company, Allink, announced it is launching 7-Eleven Korea’s NFT membership service in partnership with industry leaders, Ground X and Klaytn, Kakao’s blockchain technology subsidiaries.

Consumers with 7-Eleven NFTs stored in Klip digital wallet are rewarded with KLAY coin when they pay with their 7-Eleven app by tapping on Allink’s in-store tag. It is likely to be the world’s first application of real-time information from tagging for in-store NFT membership service.

William Wooseok Jang, Allink’s CSO, said, “The future of blockchain technology lies in extending services from the virtual world to the physical one” and added, “Following the launch of the world’s first real-time in-store NFT membership service, we will continue to enable other blockchain-based technologies to rapidly expand into in-person services.”

Inhwe Koo, Head of the Digital Innovation at 7-Eleven Korea, said, “We are introducing various digital innovations to make our customer visits more convenient and engaging. Our customers will enjoy a new and improved membership experience, including rich rewards, befitting of the web 3.0 era.”

A spokesperson for Ground X stated, “We will continue to collaborate with diverse partners to enable more users to experience the value of Klip digital wallet’s convenience, expandability, and security.”

Unlike other blockchain-based applications focused on virtual world content, this new NFT membership service enables blockchain-based rewards for real-world spending through Allink’s technology.

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