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JC Square Launches Ceiling UV-C Air Sterilizer
JC Square Launches Ceiling UV-C Air Sterilizer
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"Sterilization of up to 99% of harmful bacteria and viruses"...Completed installation of 3A Logics Bundang headquarters
3A Logics office setup photo
3A Logics office setup photo

JC Square Co., Ltd. (CEO Masong-Hoon Mas), a company specializing in IoT (Internet of Things) solutions, announced on the 12th that it has signed a domestic sales contract with Signify Korea, which has changed the name of Philips Lighting, a global company, for domestic sales of Philips UV-C air sterilizers. For the first time, the installation was completed at the 3A Logics headquarters located in Bundang, Gyeonggi-do.

The air sterilizer installed this time is a UV-C-based product, and it is explained that the sterilization performance against Corona 19 has been verified at the Philips headquarters. It is said that it has also obtained test results for sterilization power from the Korea Institute of Machinery and Electronics.

The company said, "In particular, it is expected that the UV-C sterilizer will be used in various living environments, such as PSV Stadium in Eithoven in the Netherlands and Warsaw Water Park in Poland."

"Starting with the installation of 3A Logics, we plan to expand virus sterilization products such as UV-C air sterilizers, air sterilization purifiers using UV and photocatalysts, and daily life sterilizers," he added.

JC Square is also participating in the 'Smart City Project' conducted with technology innovation companies and KETI certified by the Small and Medium Business Association. Since 2014, it has been providing IoT services to Honeywell Korea and Kuchen, and has been differentiating itself with proven IoT platforms and services, such as supplying IoT platforms to GMO Group in Japan.

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