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Growing AI medical market...a domestic company aiming at the market with technology
Growing AI medical market...a domestic company aiming at the market with technology
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Recently, the use of advanced technologies such as big data and artificial intelligence (AI) is increasing across industries, and the growth of the medical market is expected.

In particular, 'artificial intelligence (AI) drug development' is emerging as a next-generation technology and is attracting attention in the market. It takes about 15 years to develop a new drug in general, and it is known that only one out of about 5,000 to 10,000 succeeds in developing a final new drug. On the other hand, if AI is used to develop new drugs, huge period, cost, and manpower can be drastically reduced. Several global pharmaceutical companies, such as Pfizer and AstraZeneca, are already investing in the development of new AI drugs, and domestic pharmaceutical and bio companies are also developing in collaboration with large hospitals and research institutes.

While medical projects using AI such as AI drug development are actively underway, the government has started to 'build bio-big data for 1 million people'. Deputy Prime Minister Hong Nam-ki said at the '10th Innovative Growth BIG3 Promotion Conference' that about 1 trillion won would be invested over 6 years from 2023 to 'build bio-big data for 1 million people'. The collected big data will be used for research in the field of bio-health, diagnosis and treatment of rare diseases.

It is expected that the production and opening of high-quality bio data will be possible according to the government's big data construction, and the domestic AI medical market is expected to grow further. Recently, domestic companies with a ‘new drug development platform’ are attracting attention in the market.

3vix (CEO Jun-hyung Park), a company specializing in bio big data platform, has secured trust in data and new drug development platforms by conducting AI-based bio big data-related projects with various research institutes such as the Korea Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Association and the Korea Health Industry Promotion Agency. . In addition, purified bio data must be the basis for AI-based drug development, and the company already has a number of platforms to which purified medical and bio data are applied.

3vix has unique technology to find biomarkers (indicators that can detect changes in the body with protein, DNA, RNA, etc.) to discover new drug candidates, and side effects data, the biggest obstacle to new drug development also have Since its establishment in 2018, the company has discovered more than 10 new drug candidates and applied for patents.

Syntekabio (CEO Jeong Jong-sun, 226330) also drew attention as it succeeded in listing on the KOSDAQ for the first time in the world as an AI drug development company based on its own AI solution that can be applied to the entire drug development cycle. New drug development by applying 'DeepMatcher', an AI-based synthetic drug candidate discovery solution developed in-house, and 'NEOscan', an AI-based neoantigen prediction platform, to the development stage of bio-drugs such as anti-cancer vaccines as well as synthetic new drugs speeding up

In particular, Syntekabio has its own super-computing center, so it is strong in that it can derive quick and accurate results. Based on its AI platform technology and super-computing power, it is developing new drugs with large pharmaceutical companies such as Hanmi Science and JW Pharmaceutical and biotech. We are actively conducting related collaborations and joint research.

Along with AI drug development, interest in AI-based disease prediction solutions is also high. Selvas AI (CEO Min-cheol Kwak, 108860) provides a 'Selby Check-up' solution that predicts the risk of major diseases within the next 4 years based on the user's health checkup information. Customized disease management and systematic health management are possible. The solution has been introduced and used in various nationwide local governments and health check-up centers, including Gangnam-gu and Seocho-gu.

Selvas AI also provides 'Selby MediVoice', an automatic medical recording service that allows you to quickly and easily write medical records in hospitals with voice. Depending on the hospital environment/needs, it is possible to choose between a built-in type and a cloud type. In particular, cloud services are used in many small and medium-sized hospitals because of their high convenience and low cost burden, and are receiving great response. The built-in type is being used in the department of radiology in advanced general hospitals such as Sinchon Severance Hospital • National Cancer Center • Chungnam National University Hospital, Jeju National University Hospital, Dongtan Sacred Heart Hospital operating room and rounds. Selvas AI, which has built a growth engine, succeeded in turning to a profit in the first quarter, and recorded the highest sales in the first quarter since 2015.

An industry official said, “AI is converging in overall industrial fields, and among them, it is rapidly melting into the pharmaceutical, bio, and healthcare industries. It is worth paying attention to the growth of related companies,” he said.

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