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Overseas patient transfer Flying Doctors, “Corona patients transferred from Mexico to Korea and are recovering from lung transplantation”
Overseas patient transfer Flying Doctors, “Corona patients transferred from Mexico to Korea and are recovering from lung transplantation”
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The number of new coronavirus confirmed patients has not subsided with a record of 500. Overseas Koreans are also having a hard time with the corona. In particular, Korean residents living in places with poor medical facilities and lack of medical staff are infected with the corona and suffer from double troubles even worse because they do not have rooms to be hospitalized.

The Monterrey region, Mexico, is a region where patients wearing ecmo were transported due to deteriorating lung function due to the aftereffect of corona infection. A man who had been dispatched to Monterrey, Mexico, contracted coronavirus three weeks after arriving in Mexico. The patient is Oh Soo-gil (60 years old), who went to work in Mexico to raise funds for the retirement.

As the patient's condition gradually deteriorated, Lee Seung-hoon, CEO of Joo-young, a local Korean company in Mexico, where the patient was working, decided to transfer the patient to Korea with a good medical environment to save Mr. Oh Soo-gil. Air ambulance transportation costs a lot of money, but there was only a conviction to save and see the staff at the crossroads of life and death. Local company colleagues, representatives, guardians, Flying Doctors transfer team, and medical staff were all cooperated and continuously monitored the patient's condition for transfer suitability.

The patient was wearing a ventilator and his oxygen saturation was not sufficiently stable, so he decided to hurry to transfer to Korea, and an air ambulance plane arrived at the local airport. However, on the day of the decision to proceed with the transfer, the patient's overall condition deteriorated and the oxygen saturation level fell to 85% level. heard.

The medical staff recommended the ECMO procedure for the stable life and transport of the patient, and the local co-workers, representatives, and guardians decided to perform the ECMO surgery after serious consideration, and received the ECMO procedure while the air ambulance was waiting. This overseas patient transfer was a difficult mission for three used and high schools to transfer 12,000 kilometers, the longest distance in the world, with an ecmo in a corona confirmed state.

The air ambulance departed from Monterrey, Mexico at 5 am on December 6, and finally arrived at Incheon Airport at 9:30 pm on December 7th via Vancouver in Canada, Anchorage in the United States, Elizobo in Russia, and Narita in Japan.

The ECMO equipment that the patient had installed and the ECMO medical staff took the ground ambulance to the Central Medical Center, and it was not until 12:20 pm to complete the replacement of the ECMO equipment and handover of the patient to the medical staff at the Central Medical Center. After leaving the ward of a local hospital in Monterrey, Mexico, after a long journey for 24 hours, I was finally able to be admitted to the ward of the Korean Central Medical Center.

The patient was judged to need a lung transplant for resuscitation, so all the patients were taken from the Central Medical Center to Seoul National University Hospital. Fortunately, the surgery was also successful and the progress was good, so now we are on the verge of rehabilitation treatment. Mr. Oh Soo-Gil, who was brought back to life through his life, is determined to live with a heart of lifelong service, gratitude for the life he has regained.

Flying Doctors has 160 air ambulances located on each continent worldwide, and a global network of overseas emergency medical support in 200 countries and 30,000 cities. In addition, there is a 24-hour emergency medical consultation and nurse health consultation center with professors in the department of emergency medicine at university hospitals to provide 24-hour emergency response to urgent requests from anywhere in the world.

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