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HuMedi launches a new “Sano Therapy” and makes a new mark in the medical aesthetics market
HuMedi launches a new “Sano Therapy” and makes a new mark in the medical aesthetics market
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On the 2nd, it was announced on the 2nd that the SANO ELECTRO THERAPYSYSTEM, a medical aesthetic equipment recently launched by HuMedi, was well received at KIMES, an international medical equipment and hospital equipment exhibition.

The Sano Therapy exhibited at KIMES 2021 is called microcurrent therapy, biocurrent therapy, microcurrent therapy, and electrotherapy. It is a new concept equipment that activates the body by increasing the energy of the body through microcurrent stimulation and restores the balance of the body balance.

The mechanism of action of Sanotherapy is a system in which Sano electric current gently and strongly stimulates the deep muscles. The patient's satisfaction is high, and the preference of the practitioner is also high because it requires less effort during the procedure, unlike the existing meridians and spa massage.

Jin-wook Jeon, CEO of Humedy, said, "Inquiries about Sano Therapy, a new concept of microcurrent therapy, are coming through various channels as well as 2021 KIMES." By opening an education center, we plan to provide more active sales and services to hospitals and medical esthetic shops.”

Meanwhile, the exhibition hall and training center where you can access detailed product information and protocols for Sanotherapy are located in Gangseo Hangangzai Tower A, Gayang-dong, Gangseo-gu, Seoul. Humedi Co., Ltd. plans to provide market-leading services to customers through this.

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