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The power of the armband! Liberation Association vs News Alliance Evaluation Committee
The power of the armband! Liberation Association vs News Alliance Evaluation Committee
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To Liberation Society, Minister Chu Mi-ae is more than an independent enthusiast.
The News Alliance Evaluation Committee will think that portal news is a private space.
Fairness is just an enemy to the waning power.

# “Even Mr. Jae-hyeong Choi would not like to receive a prize named after you by Justice Minister Choo Mi-ae.” Regarding the Liberation Society's giving'Choi Jae-hyung' to Minister Choo Mi-ae on the 25th, Chairman Moon Young-sook of the'Independence activist Choi Jae-hyeong Memorial Project' said in a call to his hometown, "Liberary chairman Kim Won-woong from the Democratic Party is using Mr. Choi for political self-interest." I rebelled. “The Liberation Society is undermining the teacher's honor by intercepting “Choi Jae-sang” and giving it only to ruling party politicians.” (The Chosun Ilbo on the 25th)

# The national media union held a press conference in front of the Naver headquarters on the 25th, while the results of the screening of the portal Naver and Daum affiliated media outlets were disclosed.

The media union said, “There has been no social consensus or discussion about what news is published on the portal, the dominant news agent. This is because the news affiliate evaluation committee's selection criteria and evaluation process have not been disclosed.” “The evaluation of a store that is accumulated in a veil not only excludes citizens and media actors from the news forum, but also undermines the diversity and locality of journalism.” (Media today on the 25th)

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